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December 2009

Judy receives a donation from the IOD on behalf of Outward Bound Monaco

Judy with the donation received from the IOD in MonacoIn her capacity as General Secretary of Outward Bound Monaco, Judy was delighted to attend the pre Christmas lunch of the Monaco branch of the IOD held at the Saint Bênoit restaurant in Monaco and receive a cheque for 4000 euros on behalf of Outward Bound Monaco.

 Said Judy; “It was a wonderful initiative on behalf of the IOD that this year, instead of engaging a speaker for the lunch, they chose to make a charitable donation. Their members are at the very heart of the mechanics of the current economy and know only too well how hard businesses and charities alike have been hit. This will enable Outward Bound in its mission to help young people reach their full potential both locally and in the UK in what are very challenging times.” Judy thanked the various members for their support and had an opportunity to talk to them about the work of Outward Bound.

October 2009 – Australia

Climbing Bridges and Cuddling Koalas Down Under

Judy With Max Bygraves in Sanctuary coveDuring a 3 week trip to Australia as guest of Philip Clark, director of Central Coast Holden, in NSW, ,  Judy ticked a few more boxes when she took on the challenge of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb in what can only be described as particularly testing weather conditions.  There were a couple of moments when I had to keep reminding myself that despite the wind I was attached with a harness and would not be blown off the bridge. It was certainly worth it for the exhilarating views and I shall treasure my climbers certificate! Other highlights were visiting the Blue Mountains, cuddling a koala and feeding kangaroos in the Adelaide Hills, meeting up with Max Bygraves in Sanctuary Cove, and a night at the Opera in Sydney. Said Judy:“This is an amazing country, and I hope this will be the first of many trips. Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited.” During her trip to in Adelaide, Judy visited the Cleland Wildlife Park where she was interested in seeing the volunteer work that has been going on to enlist the help of local youngsters in looking after the animals. “I am always interested in seeing what others are doing to marshal the enthusiasm of young people in their respective communities.” As general Secretary of Outward Bound Monaco, Judy has a keen interest in helping young people channel their energy into the positive outlets of community based projects and therefore help their local environment while developing their own self esteem. Cleland Wildlife Park is committed to providing one of the best environmental education programmes available in South Australia. Judy commented: “Many of the local school children come to help out here. I was fortunate enough to get right up close to the animals and hold Arthur the Koala and then feed the kangaroos. In fact my hosts actually had wild koalas on their property. So it’s really important to know how to handle them as one actually found its way into their living room. ” For more information on the inspiring work that is being carried out at the park, visit:   


Judy also visited the highly renowned Shaw and Smith winery as a guest of her host chairman Stephen Young, also Executive Chairman of South Australian based investment company, and was able to benefit from a tasting session of their top class wines and a private tour of the absolutely immaculate premises where the wine is actually bottled and labeled on site. In the words of the Gourmet Traveller Wine “Adelaide Hills cousins Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith MW work collaboratively to make sublime Chardonnay, Australia’s finest Sauvignon and cool-climate Shiraz that refines the style.”  Judy returned to Sydney for her final night where she was regaled with a performance of Mozart’s ‘Cosi fan tutte’ at the Opera House. It was a truly excellent performance, a fresh look at this comic classic with a faultless cast. “I can’t think of a better way to end such a wonderful trip.”

October 2009 - Paramount Pictures LA    

Judy and co-writer Tracy Mattes were recent guests of Paramount Pictures where they spent an afternoon visiting various sets and locations as part of their ongoing work for the screen play they are scripting. As part of their research they also attended a seminar in LA run by Dr. Pat Allen, Communication expert. Said Judy: “I was so excited to be able to attend one of Dr. Allen’s seminars during my trip. She is one of the people I most admire in my field of work. Tracy and I are making great headway on our project together and had some very fruitful meetings. We both have such busy professional lives that we have to captilise on our time together. It has been a very busy week but we’ve covered a lot of ground. We are now finalising the first drafts and the next step will be to copyright the material before we can advance to the next stage.”


September 2009 - The TreePeople, Coldwater Canyon Park, Beverly Hills

The Power of a seed During her trip to Los Angeles, Judy donned her walking boots and took time out to trek up the slopes of Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverley Hills with Tracy Mattes to visit the TreePeople site , where local school children have been planting trees as part of their local reforestation programme. Treepeople’s mission is to inspire, engage and support people to take responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable, and to share the results as a model for the world. “I was really excited about seeing their work as they have managed to integrate tree planting into the school curriculum.”, commented Judy. Following her work with Outward Bound Monaco where she organized for local school children in Monaco and the Alpes Maritimes department to participate in a tree planting day in Peira Cava in conjunction with Association Pour la Terre, she was extremely keen to learn what the Tree People in LA were doing. “This was a unique opportunity to compare notes and learn from the experts. We are engaged in a similar mission in Monaco to sustain and conserve our mountain environment. In the US they are much further along the road then we are in France and Monaco. They have an ongoing permanent awareness programme operating within the schools, and local community with a purpose built forestry education centre, nursery for the seedling trees and daily planting sessions.


Free workshops are led by TreePeople staff for LA residents to bring trees and people together in their neighbourhoods. “These trainings are a great way for neighbors to learn how to green their streets, schools and parks,” says Lisa Sotelo, TreePeople’s Volunteer Manager. Judy commented: “I was thrilled to be able to visit the site and the centre and take a look at the seedling trees. I would love to create some kind of parallel, information exchange programme with LA where the local children could share experiences and opinions on environmental conservation. This is something I want to look into now with OB Monaco and see if we can create a forum where the young people from Monaco and LA can exchange ideas. It was also great to get back to trekking again. For the past six months I have been on time-out recovering from an Achilles tendon operation which has meant that I have been unable to do my regular mountain trails.” When asked what inspired her to get involved in tree planting Judy replied: “My father was the original inspiration. He has single handedly planted over 300 trees of different species on local water meadow in Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire in the UK over the past couple of years which has not only contributed to the natural beauty of the area, but is also designed to go some way towards eliminating his carbon footprint. This was a self financed, personal initiative and he has also single handedly taken on the watering and maintaining of the trees. I have also been greatly impressed by the environmental work of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and his foundation. They fully supported our tree planting day with active participation from HSH the Prince himself, who actually planted the first tree. I look forward to Outward Bound Monaco doing more work in this area.” To read more about the Tree People and to see the full extent of their work visit



SEPTEMBER 2009       
World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame
15th Annual Induction Ceremonies, Boise, Idaho    

The Power of the Dream

On 24th September Judy attended the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame induction ceremonies as special guest of her former student, 2009 Inductee Tracy Mattes. Tracy along with fellow champion athletes, football star, Diego Gutierrez and basket ball champion Adonal Foyle, was being honoured for her extraordinary work for humanitarian causes.  Gutierrez is the national spokesperson for Nothing but Net, a global grass roots anti malaria campaign that provides mosquito nets to help prevent children and adults from becoming infected with the disease while they sleep. Adonal Foyle founded “Democracy matters” whose mission is to strengthen democracy by training young people how to be effective grassroots organizers and advocates, and supporting full public financing of election campaigns and other pro-democracy reforms. In the words of the Honorary Chairman, President George H. W. Bush, “ I am pleased to serve as honorary chair of the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of fame. So many of us enjoy sports as participants and spectators, but we fail to recognize the extraordinary humanitarian commitments made by so many of our favorite athletes. By acknowledging professional and amateur athletes who have demonstrated a winning combination of outstanding performance in their respective sports and good citizenship in their communities, the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame holds up worthy role models for all Americans, and especially for our youth.

The WSHHF’s message is an important one – namely, that the “rewards of the game” include not only winning, but also “giving back” and serving others.”

Tracy, who was presented for Induction by legendary Olympians Dick Fosbury and Tommie Smith, spoke of her work building libraries in Africa with the United Nations World Tourism Organization ST-EP Foundation to whom she was appointed special representative in 2005 and her efforts to help initiate both educational, medical and sports programmes for the impoverished populations on that continent. ST-EP was created to harness the developmental power of tourism in the fight against world poverty. Its origins and activities are both intimately tied to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, which include the objective of halving extreme poverty by 2015. Inspired as a result of contracting malaria herself while competing as a young athlete, she became determined to help initiate measures that would help bring aid to those women and children who were suffering and dying from the disease on a daily basis due to lack of treatment. She is also involved in the World Olympians Association as its Director of Global Programs. and . Tracy also recalled her time serving on the committee of Outward Bound Monaco and assisting General Secretary Judy Churchill by trekking up mountains in her mission to seek out activities and trails to enable Monaco to host its own Outward Bound personal development course, . Tracy also asked Judy to serve on the board of her Monaco Olympic Training Facility project, which included such prestigious names as HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Sergei Bubka, Frankie Fredericks, Pernilla Wiberg, and Ambassador Dho Young  Shim of South Korea. Said Judy: “It was a great thrill and honour to be part of the WSHHF induction ceremony; both sport and humanitarian causes are close to my heart and part of my daily routine. I was proud to honour the achievements of my former student and friend. I look forward to working with Tracy on many other inspirational projects. To be among so many likeminded people using their fame and platform to help others is truly inspiring. It is also encouraging to see the key players being recognized for their efforts. Recognition for this sort of work is something the Americans are very good at and that we are very poor at in the South of Europe where rewards are often linked to political favours or business opportunities with the “wrong” people being recognized for the “wrong” reasons. I hope others will follow their example and that there will be reachout from this ceremony on a global basis. The more people hear about the humanitarian efforts of the well know sports stars, the more they well be inspired to act themselves.”

For more information:

JULY 2009

This summer not only heralded the coming on board of Christopher De La Puente, Judy’s son as alternate director of LCS ltd. but it was also a monumental moment in daughter Suzanna’s fledgling career when she invented three delicious fruit smoothies that have been taken on by the award winning (Palme d’Or de la Restauration) Fast Fusion Restaurant chain Zenzen (Monaco and Marseilles).

Suzanna De La Puente celebrates her collaboration with President and founder of Zenzen Dr. Francesco Bongiovanni
 Judy with President and founder of Zenzen Dr; Francesco Bongiovanni

 Suzanna De La Puente celebrates her
collaboration with President and
founder of Zenzen
Dr. Francesco Bongiovanni

Judy with President and founder of
Zenzen Dr. Francesco Bongiovanni

Suzanna De La Puente, who is studying Tourism and International Hospitality at Oxford Brookes University, has been cooking and inventing recipes all her life. “I am extremely proud of what she has achieved,” says Judy. Suzanna started cookery from a very young age, first at home and during holidays with her English Grandmother and then at cookery classes during the school holidays while her mother was working. Being half Hispanic and having been brought up and schooled in Monaco, France and England has meant that Suzanna has been constantly exposed to different cultural culinary influences. “I recall the day an Italian friend of mine took us for lunch at a restaurant in Monaco and the very next day she reproduced the same dish she had ordered at the restaurant from olfactory and gustatory memory. The pleasure of having Suzanna collaborate with Zenzen is double because Francesco Bongiovanni, (founder) and Marco Fiorese, Co-founder are old friends which makes for an easy working relationship.” Zenzen are planning to work with Suzanna to produce other culinary delights so watch this space. For a more information and a full menu visit:

Date:May 2009
Event: OB reforestation day with Patron HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

Judy with Steve Howe (Outward Bound Trust UK), Dr. Michael Peagram (President OB Monaco) and HSH Prince Albert 11 and Michel Calmet, Mayor of Lucéram


On the 2nd May 2009, 50 young people from the Alpes Maritimes department in France, took part in a reforestation day organised in Peira Cava by Judy on behalf of Outward Bound Monaco and supported by Outward Bound Monaco’s Patron HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco who actually planted the first tree.

The day was part of the OB spring course run by the OB Trust UK for local Youth in and around Monaco.
Said Judy, we were keen to introduce an ecological day on this personal development adventure course and make our young people aware of what needs to be done to protect the environment and local beauty spots. One hundred new trees were planted and a plaque was unveiled by HSH to commemorate the naming of the spot as the “Sentier Monégasque”

Read more on  and

Date : February 2009
Event : Piers Morgan on Monaco

During the summer of 2008 Judy assisted Splashmedia production team in the making of a documentary on Monaco to be screened by ITV on the 5th February. ‘Piers Morgan on Monaco’ is one of a three part series also comprising Dubai and Los Angeles. The three programmes aim to look at what draws people to these extraordinary places. Judy commented: it’s a question of asking does the place make the people or do the people make the place?” Judy, who was interviewed by Piers as part of the Monaco programme  later remarked: “People love to pick fault with Monaco. To be honest apart from the obvious fiscal advantages, you’d be hard pressed to find a more attractive geographical location. Surrounded by sea, mountains, countryside, France and Italy and benefitting from a warm, sunny climate, Monaco will continue to attract people if only for those reasons.”

Judy with Piers Morgan

Judy with Piers Morgan at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, as they prepare to go to the 60th Red Cross Ball, August 2008.

Date : January 2009
Event : Universal Studios, Hollywood

Judy & Tracy Mattes


Judy with Tracy Mattes at Universal Studios, Hollywood where they met to discuss the script for a show they having been working on focusing on women’s empowerment.

Using her screen writing skills and industry knowledge Tracy has been already started putting together a first draft. Judy has been documenting information from her own personal experience, while researching content from various sources and is on a on-going information gathering mission.

Says Judy: “We feel that this is something that TV and women have been waiting for. We have found a niche and our aim is to help women lead more fulfilling professional and personal lives through the medium of entertainment.”

Both Tracy and I along with our female peers have a wealth of information and experience that we’d like to share.

Date : December 2008
Event : 2nd Peace and Sport Forum, Monaco

Judy with WOA President Dick Fosbury, WOA Director of Global Programs Tracy Mattes and Dr. Ted Anders

Judy attended the 2nd Peace and Sport Forum in Monaco, in her capacity as General Secretary of Outward Bound Monaco. This was also an occasion to meet up again with WOA President, Dick Fosbury and WOA Director of Global Programs, Tracy Mattes to further discussions on the Five Rings educational programs. Judy was also delighted to receive a donation on behalf of Outward Bound Monaco from UNWTO ST-EP chairperson, Ambassador DHO Young-Shim, of 12 solar–powered flash lights for use on the next Outward Bound in Monaco course in April 2009.

Date : November 2008
Event : World Athletics Gala Monaco


Photo 1 - Judy with IAF and IAAF President Lamine Diack and Sandra Farmer-Patrick
Photo 2 - Judy with Sergei Bubka and Kory Tarpenning. Judy wears another creation designed by Fathia Khan.
Photo 3 - Judy with Tracy Mattes and Usain Bolt, Male World Athlete of the Year
Photo 4 - Judy with WOA President Dick Fosbury and WOA Director of Global Programs Tracy Mattes
Photo 5 - Judy with former heptathlon & long jump star Jackie Joyner Kersee who received an award to commemorate 80yrs of Women Athletes at the Olympic Games
Photo 6 - Judy with track and field friends, Lashawn Merritt, Sandra Farmer-Patrick, Tracy Mattes and Angelo Taylor


 The World Athletics Gala was not only an opportunity for Judy to meet up with track and field friends, but also the start of a series of meetings with WOA President Dick Fosbury and recently appointed Director of Global Programs, Tracy Mattes ( with a view to collaborating on the development of educational programmes for Olympians as part of the WOA Five Rings Development Programs. Judy also set up meetings for the WOA to meet Association Pour la Terre ( which has resulted in an Olympic Trees for Kids initiative which looks set to mirror the tree plantation project that Judy has helped set up for Outward Bound Monaco in May 2009.


Prince Albert II, Robin Gibb & Judy Churchill
24 October 2008 Judy with Prince Albert II of Monaco and Robin Gibb (of the Bee Gees) at St Jame's Palace, London at a fund raising dinner for The Outward Bound Trust. Robin Gibb is Outward Bound's first official ambassador and believes passionately in the ability of Outward Bound to change young people's lives."

Judy wears a  dress designed by Monaco based Fatiha Khan of Marrakesh Clothing Company Ltd This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Left & Above Judy with Dr. Michael Peagram and H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco at the Outward Bound Monaco Class of 2008 "graduation" ceremony at the Autmobile Club Monaco. Judy reported on the success of the Outward Bound in Monaco 2008 course and interviewed some of the participants. H.S.H. the Prince presented successful graduates with their certificates.

Judy manages to find some time to relax this summer while working on different PR assignments for high profile clients. August at the Vigie Monaco Beach Hotel with Piers Morgan and actress Lavinia Samuel.

Above - August 2008 with Andrew Neil in Grasse.

Left - Judy with Musician and CEO of MICE Entertainment Services, Michael Gelardi



Judy at Bill Wyman's Photo Shoot  Judy attends the Red Cross Ball with TV personality Piers Morgan
Judy at Bill Wyman's  photo shoot vernissage in Monte Carlo 31 July 2008 with Lesley Harvey and son of Spencership Monaco Judy is wearing a La Chance Lucky Bracelet designed by Martina of Sweden Aps (M.O.S) Monte Carlo, on 1 August 2008, Judy attends the Red Cross Ball with TV personality Piers Morgan.
Judy is wearing jewellery designed by Monegasque designer Isabelle Fissore-Seboul at


 Judy at a corporate picnic at Ascot June 2008

 Judy at Henley Royal Regatta July 2008 with Tatiana Guslistaya

 Judy at a corporate picnic at Ascot June 2008

 Judy at Henley Royal Regatta July 2008 with Tatiana Guslistaya director of the London based RBEL Consultancy LTD


 Judy Churchill and Tracy Mattes test some of the Raptor Sports equipment on a hike to la Turbie.

Judy recently participated in the First International Peace and Sport Conference held in Monte Carlo as PR Language and Interpretation Director for Raptor Sports the founding partner of the Forum.

Said Tracy Mattes, CEO of Raptor Sports: “We are very happy to see this forum turning out the way it is with the energy and everything it brings. It’s fantastic to put these people together for this important cause where we can really change peoples’ lives.” Read more about the forum and see the full list of participants at this prestigious event on:

Outward Bound Monaco

Judy is Secretary General of Outward Bound Monaco Association, and organises their fund raising events and PR. She has always been involved in charity work and believes in Outward Bound’s ability to seriously influence and change young people’s lives for the better.

Monaco High Performance Sport Training Association

Judy is a member of the board of the Monaco High Performance Sport Training Association. The mission of the Association is to establish a high performance, multi-sport international Olympic Training Centre in the Principality of Monaco.

The Centre's mission extends Monaco's vast support of professional and amateur sports, and Olympic Games: to create a world class training centre in one of the fastest growing sporting communities in the world.

The centre will contribute to the community, economy image & heritage of Monaco; and will further identify the Principality with Olympic ideals.

This exciting international training facility project is the brainchild of former Olympian Tracy Mattes MBA.

Judy at First Global Conference of Sport and Tourism with Angela Van Wright, Francesco Frangelli, Tracy Mattes and Carol Davis

Judy makes at speech at a dinner to celebrate Martin Johnson's career

Judy Churchill and Martin Johnson

Judy Introduces Prince Constantine of Bulgaria to Prince Albert II and Lotfi Maktouf (Port Palace Hotel Monaco)

Judy with introduces Welsh rugby star Scott Gibbs to Prince Albert II at a Pre Six Nations dinner
(Hotel De Paris , Monte Carlo)

Judy with Professor Jean Jaubert and Prince Albert II

Judy introduces the Duke of York to guests at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Judy with Roberto Baggio at the Golden Foot awards Monte Carlo

Judy at Cannes Film Festival with Ron Mowlam CEO of London based Celebrity group (photo)


Judy wears another creation designed by Fathia Khan (+377 6 78 63 56 07)