Incorporating: Eloquence Languages and Translations

          Here are some of the books that I most frequently recommend for my coaching sessions. If you are already having coaching with me you will have received a personalised reading list and you will know what to do. 

          If you are just visiting this page, you can access any of these the books and order directly from Amazon by clicking on the link below. I am always happy to hear your comments and recommendations which you can send me by clicking on the “contact Judy” link on this site:


  1. Who Moved My Cheese? – Dr. Spencer Johnson
  2. Transitions (Making Sense of Life’s Changes) – William Bridges
  3. The Way of Transition – William Bridges
  4. The Road Less Travelled (The classic work on relationships, spiritual growth and life’s meaning) – M. Scott Peck
  5. The Power of Now -  Eckhart Tolle
  6. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success -  Deepak Chopra
  7. A New Earth -  Eckhart Tolle
  8. Why Men Love Bitches – Sherry Argov
  9. The Truth about Men will set you free…but first it’ll p*ss you off! Dr Pat Allen & Don Schmincke
  10. The Gifts of Imperfection – Brené Brown
  11. The Vortex -  Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks
  12. The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield
  13. Getting to “I do” – Dr Patricia Allen & Sandra Harmon
  14. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne
  15. The Secret DVD – Rhonda Byrne
  16. Emotional Alchemy (How your Mind can Heal your Heart) – Tara Bennett-Goleman
  17. Self-Esteem (Simple Steps to Develop Self-worth and Heal Emotional Wounds) – Gael Lindenfield
  18. How to Beat Exam Stress – Juddy Churchill
  19. Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ - Daniel Goleman
  20. 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence   Patrick E. Merlevede,Denis Bridoux & Rudy Vandamme
  21. Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom - Michael Brearley
  22. Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics  - A. Korzybski (1933)
  23. The Tree of Knowledge: The Biological Roots of Human Understanding- Humberto Maturana Rumesin
  24. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey
  25. How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
  26. The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book - Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves
  27. Assert Yourself - Gael Lindenfield
  28. Self Esteem: Simple Steps to Develop Self-worth and Heal Emotional Wounds- Gael Lindenfield


  1. L’Intelligence Emotionnelle – Daniel Goleman
  2. La PNL Communiquer autrement – Catherine Cudicio
  3. Zoom sur l’intelligence émotionnelle – Travis Bradberry et Jean Greaves
  4. Comment se faire des amis et influencer les autres - Dale Carnegie
  5. Les 7 habitudes de ceux qui réalisent tout ce qu’ils entreprennent – Stephen R. Covey
  6. Le Chemin le moins fréquenté – Scott Peck, Laurence Minard
  7. Les transitions de vie : Comment s'adapter aux tournants de notre existence - William Bridges
  8. La prophétie des Andes - Et si les coïncidences révélaient le sens de la vie ? - James Redfield
  9. La prophétie des Andes - L'intégrale des romans de James Redfield - James Redfield


  1. LA PROFECIA CELESTINA - James Redfield