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TEVA and Publicis Life Brands International add punch to their presentations

Judy ran another Powerful Presentations course in Paris on 28th November on behalf of TEVA and organised by Publicis Life Brands International. Said Judy: "It was interesting to return to the subject of Gynaecology and Women's Healthcare, something I was involved in when I worked for Laboratoires Théramex. "


Publicis Life Brands Montpellier

Following two successful courses in Montpellier in 2013, Judy returned to June this year  to run another 2-day training course on l'Art de la Présentation Orale. Said Judy: " These two days may be hard work for the participants, but they are enjoyable and the level of improvement is astounding. The feedback has been immensly positive which shows me that we're doing it right. My secret is to eject my 3 Fs © into all of my training courses: 'Focus, Fire and Fun' and that is what makes my brand of training unique."

Delivering The Right Message - Publicis Life Brands

Judy was back in Paris at PHCG running another training course in Presentation Skills in French. Publicis Life Brands is very customer aware and delivering the right message for their customers in the Healthcare Industry is of paramount importance. They embarked on a 2 day training course with Judy in French  as part of a roll out of similar courses that Judy is conducting across the group.


 Publicis Life Brands rises to the challenge


Judy was back in Paris to run a two day training course for Publicis Life Brands on public speaking in April and May. This time it was in French. Day one focused on the techniques of how to capture and engage your audience, body language, use of humour, simplicity, clarity, voice and stage presence. Day two looked at how to prepare and structure a presentation and overcoming stress and stage fright. With plenty of practice and feedback both competence and confidence increased to the extent that the participants were able to spontaneously present on the most unlikely subjects including a banana (featured in the above photo).


Judy spoke to a full house at the DIA (Drug Information Association) 25th Annual Euromeeting where she chaired and presented at the Student session on March 4th on the theme Enhancing Your Soft Skills by Improving Your Emotional Intelligence. Judy who is considered an expert in this field, was chosen in 2005  as one of the two leading authorities on EQ in France  to be interviewed in Paris and take part in a European project investigating the role Emotional Intelligence in Education across Europe. She has given many talks on the subject, written articles and apart from individual and corporate training in this area, has coached doctors and consultants in enhanced Emotional Intelligence for improved doctor -patient relations. She is currently running workshops in France on Achieving Success by boosting your Emotional Intelligence.

Judy with the team from Genzyme at the Château de Nointel


Judy was back at one of her favourite training facilities in France, the Châteauform' group and this time Château de Nointel was the chosen location. Judy was training a group from the pharma company GENZYME over a two day period (the division and course contents remain confidential).

Said Judy: "It was important to have a location that was not only comfortable with state of the art facilities but also relaxing to the eye. this kind of training is innovative, intense with high stakes and so the participants who have very limited relaxation time need to be able to switch off from work immediately and Châteauform' fulfills this expectation.

On 26th March Judy spoke at the Young Professionals' Session Enhance Your Personal Skills and Develop Your Career options. Judy's presentation "Navigating in Today's Multicultural Environment"  gave professionals in the healthcare industry combined  insights in to what to expect in the global workplace and tips on how to deal with and overcome cultural differences. Judy commented: DIA is always a highlight of the conference year and yet again this session was full to capacity. It is wonderful to catch up with past attendees and meet the new faces of the healthcare world. These professionals all share one thing in common, they are all working in a country that is not their country of origin, in a language that is not their native one, navigating the cultural minefield of a multicultural/lingual team. They have no idea how long they will be in that position before they move yet again. Training is essential if potential is to be maximised and communication breakdowns avoided.



Judy will once again be speaking at the annual DIA Euro meeting in Copenhagen 2012 from 26-28 March. Judy will be Presenting in the YOUNG PROFESSIONALS SESSION as part of the theme ENHANCE

YOUR PERSONAL SKILLS AND DEVELOP YOUR CAREER OPTIONS.Judy will be looking at the soft skills that are needed alongside specific knowledge in a presentation entitled" Navigating in today's multicultural environment". See

Judy was once again instructing at the DIA annual EuroMeeting23rd March 2011 Judy ran the PRESENT WITH CONFIDENCE workshop in the SPECIAL SESSIONS category.  65 pharma and medical students attended the session which was a resounding success.

Judy also acted as facilitator for the DIA STUDENT CHAPTER SESSION in partnership with the European Pharmaceutical Students' Association (EPSA) and the International Medical Students' Association (EMSA). This was a new initiative which brought together five experts from the pharma industry in a session that allowed students to interact with the experts on a more informal basis.

 Judy's Present with Confidence Workshop DIA Euromeeting Geneva 2011Student Chapter Session DIA Euromeeting Geneva 2011

Judy trains Transitions Optical – The winning combination of a first class product and outstanding service solutions
December training finished on a high and with a real flourish. This has been a very “Parisian” year all round and so it was fitting that the final off-site course of the year should also be in Paris. Transitions Optical the leaders in photochromic lenses have been investing in their product consultants to enable them to add innovative service solutions to what is already a top of class product. This can only be a winning combination!

It's in the air!    

22 Million people are known to have asthma in the US alone. It is the leading cause of hospital emergency visits and school absenteeism. Most families including yours have at least one member who is, was or will be affected by a respiratory disease or disorder.
This month Judy was back working in the context of respiratory diseases. Two years ago she ran a series of workshops training lung specialists and GPs to use Transactional Analysis to help guide their patients through the stages of change and transition in the context of using a new inhaler to treat asthma. The aim was to increase compliance and enhance device and inhalation technique
This time Judy was working as an interpreter at TEVA RespiDays in Paris, a two day Scientific Respiratory Symposium which brought together experts from Europe and the US to present and discuss the latest research and medical advancements in the field.


The International Association for Medicine and Sport Science (AIPMSS) conference on "Les Seniors et le Sport" - Sea Club Hotel Meridian Beach Plaza Monaco, 16 & 17 April 2010

Judy with Dr Patrick Coudert, President of the organising committee on 17 April at the end of of the second day of conferences and workshops on the emerging issue of dealing with and  managing physical capacity for sport in an increasingly aging population. Judy took an active part in the plenary session that brought together medical health-care providers, sportsmen and women and the general public to inform and debate on an issue that is affecting many now and will affect all of us sooner or later. How do we stay active for longer and longer and longer? As life expectancy increases so do individual expectations as to prolonging physical ability and agility. What communication strategies do doctors know need for dealing with these patients? Said Judy: "I was delighted that Dr Coudert once again invited me to attend this annual conference. The quality of the speakers was exceptional and the panel discussions revealed a number of communication challenges that I feel able and ready to address with the various actors in the health care industry. Doctor-Patient relations are becoming and must necessarily continue to become less prescriptive-restrictive and more communicative-holistic. "


I have participated in team building and assertiveness trainings conducted by Judy. Her professionalism and capacity to address client’s needs were impressive. With her active listening skills she rapidly provides confidence and trust. During the trainings we were able to learn, adapt and grow and most importantly to apply our learning once back in the office. Her awareness of intercultural and personality differences helped to address difficult situations with a positive and constructive attitude. Judy accompanied me, as well, in my professional development as a coach. Her analysis of the situation was rapid and she taught me different ways to grow in my functions and responsibilities. I felt I was moving forward after each session. She definitely helped me to learn about myself, others and to look forward to future projects with enthusiasm and a lot of energy.
Dragana MILO, PharmD, PhD
Director Developement Strategy and Realization Global Reasearch and Development at sanofi-aventis

Judy gave a talk on Presentation skills in English for Job Interview on 8th March 2010

DIAJudy was a speaker at the 2010 DIA European Annual meeting in Monaco in the Student and Young Professional Session titled “How to Present and sell your skills”.

The Drug Information Association’s 22nd Annual DIA EuroMeeting in Monaco was under the chairmanship of Prof. Bruno Flamion, Clinical Pharmacology, University of Namur, Belgium, Chair CHMP, Scientific Advice Working Party, EMEA and Kerstin Franzén, Senior Director Worldwide Regulatory Policy and Intelligence, Pfizer AB, Sweden.

Judy, who spoke on “Presentation Skills in English for Job Interview”, regularly gives talks at conferences, symposiums and meetings and runs training courses and seminars worldwide for Pharmaceutical Sales, Marketing and Medical Managers on Public speaking and a wide range of other areas including Assertiveness, Team building, Transactional Analysis, Emotional Intelligence, and Non-verbal Communication skills. She has run courses for most of the major pharma companies including Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline, sanofi-aventis, AstraZeneca, Gilead, Galderma, Merck-Theramex to name but a few.
Highly experienced in the pharmaceutical industry, Judy has also coached groups of doctors and specialist consultants all over France in improved Doctor-Patient relations.

Judy-gave-a-talk-on-Presentation-skillsCommenting on the conference Judy said: “This was a very well organized and highly professional conference. The overall quality of the sessions was excellent. We received very positive feedback on our special session which paid tribute to the amount of work that we had put into making sure the three presentations were seamless with no repetition or overlap. The audience was very enthusiastic and discussion continued on the topic over the three days of the conference. I met an abundance of interesting people and attended some very informative sessions myself. The Pharma/Healthcare world is changing and we need to adapt and move with those changes. It is important for me to know what is going on in the industry so that I can better serve my clients.”

The DIA Annual Euro Meeting is global in scope, attracting well over 3,000 professionals from over 50 countries. It brings together professionals from the biopharmaceutical industry, contract service organisations, academic research centres, regulatory agencies and health ministries. This convergence affords attendees the opportunity to network with professional colleagues from around the world.
The DIA is a professional association of approximately 18,000 members worldwide who are involved in the discovery, development, regulation, surveillance or marketing of pharmaceuticals or related products. They are committed to the broad dissemination of information on the development of new medicines or generics and biosimilars, with continuously improved professional practice as the goal. For more information see: www.DIAHOME.ORG