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If you believe that you may not be achieving your goals, then the first thing you can do is give yourself the 3 ‘F’s test. Judy Churchill explains in detail. Read more: #AnnaFill #JudyChurchill


How to Survive Christmas – Five tips that actually work... You may have on your bookshelf one of those humorous, long-winded books on how to survive Christmas. They make a good read but they don’t really work... So for Judy Churchill's last article of 2018 her Christmas gift to us all is to help us to SIMPLIFY the process by sharing her five top personal tips that she finds actually work. Read more: #AnnaFill #JudyChurchill

Most people spend their lives trying to reach a state of equilibrium and ease where they can relinquish the discomfort of not being able take things for granted. Whereas being able to take your job, finances, relationship, family etc. for granted may seem like the ideal no-stress scenario, in reality the absolute opposite may be true. Judy Churchill explains... Read more: #AnnaFill #JudyChurchill

The human body and brain were designed to be active, to problem solve, to workout hard and take pleasure in achievement and the long hard road that leads to that achievement and success. You all know the adage: ‘it’s not the destination but the journey that counts’. Judy Churchill explains 'Why you shouldn’t retire!'... Read more: #TheRivieraWoman#AnnaFill #JudyChurchill

The hills and mountains will always deliver the same incredibly positive results to both body and mind. “I go to the hills when my heart is lonely, I know I will hear what I've heard before…” sang Maria in the film ‘The Sound of Music’... Judy Churchill explains her passion for the great outdoors. Read more: #TheRivieraWoman#JudyChurchill

Whether children have extra tutoring or home schooling, much of the work involves coaching, which is really ‘rehabilitation’. It can involve the undoing of old, bad or inappropriate habits and the learning of new, useful, good habits. It can involve learning how to learn and study... Judy Churchillexplains her techniques for managing the situation. Read more: #TheRivieraWoman#JudyChurchill

Happiness is a more a state of mind. It’s about creating a space and an attitude in which you can feel happiness, general satisfaction on a daily basis – living in the now without having to grab a ‘pleasure’ to give yourself a quick fix. Judy Churchill asks the question: Happiness or Pleasure? Read more:



Judy Churchill takes a look at how the plethora of information both good and bad available on social media has us whiling away the hours viewing without realising that this may be stopping us from ‘doing’. Read more: #TheRivieraWoman#AnnaFill #JudyChurchill


Judy Churchill: Mistakes! - Don’t do regrets – Rise again! Judy takes an interesting look at why contrary to what you might expect, making mistakes is so good for us. Read more: #TheRivieraWoman#AnnaFill #JudyChurchill



How to keep a SPRING in your step. Judy Churchill has been taking a look at the recent global research in the area of healthy aging. This month she shares her findings on how we can live longer and healthier. Read more: #TheRivieraWoman#AnnaFill #JudyChurchill

Judy is a feature writer for and publishes regular articles on healthy activity pursuits. Read more....



What is Love? This February our coach Judy Churchill asks the question 'What is Love?'. Whether you want it, are looking for it, have found it or in the process of losing it, everyone is affected by love. Read more: #TheRivieraWoman#AnnaFill #JudyChurchill