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 The Cultural Awareness Challenge

Judy presents for IUM at the Gildo Pastor Centre MonacoSCHOOL'S BACK and with it the new intake of MBA students at the International University of Monaco. The students hail from all over the world and are extending their comfort zones as they come to terms with Southern European culture. IUM takes cultural integration and team work very seriously and as part of their induction programme, called upon Judy's services to present a seminar on local Cultural Awareness in the context of Monegasque and French culture.


"What separates or unites people is not their language, their laws, their customs, their principles, but the way they hold their knife and fork."
Madame de Montmort (from Suite Française – Irène Némonirovsky)
In business it is vital to know what kind of challenges/differences you are likely to encounter when meeting or communicating with your foreign counterparts.
Bridging Cultures – North South The Finnish Trade Delegation
Rapport, empathy and understanding across cultures in Europe
In the summer of 2001 Judy was asked to help coordinate a Finnish Trade delegation visit to Monaco which included not only organising an official meeting between Kimmo Sasi, Finnish Minister for Foreign Trade and European and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco but also a filmed interview between with the HSH and Judy
This was an official visit of the Finnish Trade Delegation to Monaco and Sophia Antipolis, France, headed by the Finnish Minister for Foreign Trade and European Affaires Mr; Kimmo Sasi. Judy coordinated with Ulla Ladau-Harlujulin who initiated the project as part of her ongoing work on cultural issues at Hanken’s Department of English, Helsinki.
A: Judy is a guest of Minister Kimmo Sasi at his official dinner at the St Bênoit, Monaco
B: Judy's official visit to Finland
C: Judy at Monaco Palace prior to her interview with Prince Albert
D: Judy visits Kimmo Sasi at his Ministry
E: Judy and Barry Tomalin at a reception during the research phase of Bridging Cultures
F: Judy and Ulla Ladau at a reception during the research phase of Bridging Cultures
The recording of the visit was jointly financed by HANKEN and the University of Westminster, London. An educational training video was produced.- Bridging Cultures – North & South  which offers valuable insights into different cultures in Europe. We see the contacts between the silent Finns of the northern country of Finland (Suomi) and the natural exuberance of the people of Monaco and Mediterranean France. The video follows the ministerial delegation from Finland visiting the political establishment of Monaco and the south of France.
Judy was one of a team of four expert consultants that worked on the content and production of the video and which also includes such well know names as Professor Jack Lonergan, Diplomatic Academy, University of Westminster, UK, Barry Tomalin, Connect ELT & University of Westminster and Ulla Ladau-Harjulin, President Finno-Monaco Association.
The video has been used in courses on Intercultural Communication Skills which aims at providing students and business people with the skills of building and maintaining rapport and credibility in face-to-face interactions in the world of international business.
Says Judy “ I am working with more and more companies that are undergoing mergers and acquisitions and where corporate/team culture can change from one year/month to the next. I see the including of a cross cultural element as crucial in any language or team building training course. We are separated far more by our cultural differences than by our linguistic ones. Today you may be working in a team of your own nationals and dealing with clients from your own country and tomorrow you are part of a global team, working in a new language(s) and dealing with customers from many different cultural backgrounds. There is a training imperative here and this video does not only raise awareness but shows you how you can overcome these challenges”
People are people and people prefer interacting and that also means doing business with people who are (or act like/appear like) them. This has huge implications for business globally. We will not usually sign a contract with someone we don’t like. A win-win negotiation means knowing <what your counterpart needs to win and this implies understanding what make him ‘culturally tick’. In Ulla’s words “The rapport and credibility established through human contacts are the corner stones of any long-lasting, successful relationship in the international world of business.
Judy and Ulla have lectured together at various conferences across Europe and Judy has more recently run a serious of Cross Cultural induction courses for MBA students at IUM.
She was a speaker at the NGEF in Monaco in 2009 addressing the cultural challenges faced by those setting up a business on the French Riviera.